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B i o g r a p h y

 Travels far and wide have shaped Christopher Jamison's music, from his songwriting start as a teenager living in London, to early performances in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Dubbed the "Paul Simon of Texas" by the Austin Chronicle, the Texas native's songs have been called "sing-a-long immediate and earworm lasting" (No Depression) and "universal and poetic" (Asheville's Mountain Xpress). In 2024, Jamison released his eighth record, Myth.


Chris Jamison’s Ghost is a gracefully high-flying band composed of some of Western NC's finest musicians. 

"Complexly layered sounds weaving through memory both recalled and borrowed, heartfelt and thoughtful, beautifully wrought and dreamy enough to linger even after the final song’s end....It’s so personal, so magical. It’s the sonic equivalent of a super-8 film casting images of the past upon the screen of the present so that what was and what is unspool in unison for a precious few minutes. It’s the score of a film that doesn’t even need the visual component to be fully realized."

-Alli Marshall,

Arts Editor at Asheville, NC Mountain Xpress 

            Q&A With Americana Songwriter

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